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What we can do for you as your Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant!



All services are available to both men and women on one on one basis.

Some services can be made available in small groups (8-10 people max) both online and offline

All consultations are in English.

Gift certificates are available for all services starting Euro 100.


Services   ... We are now offering our services online in an all-digital format too.

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Fashion Model
1. Style Analysis: 3 hrs.

As individuals, we all differ in our likes and dislikes. And these are a reflection of our cultural, economic, religious and educational backgrounds.


In this session, we will determine your fashion cravings by analyzing your personality taking into account all these parameters. Watch out, you may be in for a surprise! Evaluation parameters...

  • Fashion Personality Type

  • Personal Style Evaluation

  • Body type Evaluation

  • Colour Theory

  • Budget Analysis


For further information, please contact us here.

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Clothes Hanging
2. Closet Analysis: 3 hrs. 


This 3-hour session will be conducted in your home to review your closet.

Items will be evaluated based on your Style analysis conclusions (colour compatibility, body type etc.) and the condition of your garments.


Creative insight will be shared on how to mix and match existing pieces to get more wear for less.


Techniques of visual presentation of your wardrobe will also be suggested.

By the end of the session, you will have a wearable wardrobe plus a shopping list for key items to be purchased. This session may take more than 3 hours if you have a huge wardrobe or less if you have a small one!


For further information, please contact us here.

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Shopping for Clothes
3. Shopping Sessions: 2 hrs. 
This assisted shopping Session will be scheduled at a shopping mall.

Which crossroads are you in life today?

What is it that drives your fashion agenda? Is it a season refresh, a black tie event, a new career, a wedding, a reunion, or simply a fresh confidence in yourself?


You can now relax knowing you have someone who is offering honest opinions, creative outfitting advice, and a savvy shopping experience. 


For further information, please contact us here.


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Woman on Computer

4. Package deal: (Deal 1- 6hrs.) (Deal 2- 8hrs.)



With this brilliant "package deal" you will achieve an A to Z fashion transformation.

Package deal 1- 6hrs. This includes your ...


  • Style analysis

  • Closet analysis 


Package deal 2- 8hrs. This includes your ...

  • Style analysis

  • Closet analysis and

  • A 2hr live shopping session.


For further information, please contact us here.

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Go Team

5. Customized Styling deal: 



You create your own deal as per your style needs.


Discuss your fashion agenda with us and we will customize it exactly the way you want it at an attractive price.


For further information, please contact us here.


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A presentation at the office

6. Corporate Sessions: 



When it comes to business you can leave no stone unturned. Your employees are a reflection of your company and how they dress speaks volumes about the corporate culture and attitude.

Appropriately dressed and professional looking staff ensures a positive impact on their clients.

For our corporate clients we offer:

  • One on one corporate styling session for both men and women: 2hrs per employee.

  • Corporate Group styling workshops: 2hrs- For max. 10 employees per group. Men and women in separate groups.

  • Webinars.

  • Zoom sessions


For further information, please contact us here.



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Dinner Party

7. Public speaking/ Private party/ Other get together events (1 hr/2 hrs): 



Who wouldn't  love an "extra something" to a party or a coffee get together?


Add that zing into your party by calling us over for a fun interactive session on current fashion trends on clothing/ shoes/ accessories,  styling tips or any topic of your choice.

We will do all it takes to impress your friends and in making your event a memorable one!

Try us!


For further information, please contact us here.


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Gift Card

8. Birthday/ Anniversary / special occasion gift certificates


It's a special occasion of that special someone in your life.

How about giving a " StylizedU " gift certificate starting from Euro 100.


You can be sure they are in good hands and can choose from any of our above services.


For further information, please contact us here.

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Handsome Man with Girl

9. Single event package:



For those who need one time styling assistance for a specific event like wedding/ party/ cocktail/ red carpet etc.


Let us know your styling need and we will assist you to look and feel fabulous on this special occasion ! 



For further information, please contact us here.

                       Style it up!

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