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Who is a Personal Shopper?

What can a Personal Shopper do? Why does one hire them?

Their Primary role is to provide his/her client the proper tools to dress themselves keeping them up-to-date and in style on their red carpet called 'LIFE".

You would normally meet your Personal shopper at a mall as its easy hopping stores in a mall without wasting time!

There are may advantages when you shop with a personal shopper, such as...

* It is easier making decisions on what styles & colors suit your body type & skin color,

* You get a second opinion from a professional,

* They motivate & inspire you to shop outside your comfort zone,

* You are motivated to try more/ different styles & your Personal shopper assists you,

* Shopping & stores are not so overwhelming as your personal shopper knows exactly where to go for what,

* They take you to stores that fit your style, personality, needs & budget.

* Shopping goes faster & is hassle free when someone is out there to quickly make the choices, pick appropriate styles for you & bring the right sizes for you to try on in the trial room. They assist while you do the trials.

* You also learn about & visit new stores that you had never visited or had no clue they existed!

* For some busy individuals personal shoppers are a boon just because they take this load of shopping off their shoulders!

* Last but not the least, a personal stylist helps you put a whole ensemble together- i.e. the whole look from top to bottom & not broken sets of clothes. So, you come out looking & feeling put together & stylish!

For any assistance in shopping contact StylizedU @

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