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Luxembourg-A tiny Bundle of joy and peace!


Well it’s been 6mths + here @ Lux!

And today, I decided to read through my previous write up on FB to see if there is any change in my perspective. And, here is how differently I feel today!

Starting with the most boring topic, yet the most frequently used one. One that people bank on to start a conversation- THE WEATHER! Yes, it’s v. cold here now. It snowed this week (it’s a pain cleaning your side walk and a snow laden car early in the morning). It was -2 degrees centigrade today! Getting back to centigrade and kms. was not as tough as I had envisaged.

This reminds me...The traffic police dept. already has my name in their records.... I have graciously paid a speeding ticket (don’t ask how much!!!).. My American made car with a MILES/HR. speedometer is to blame! Road sign said 30KM/HR... I was happily driving a little below 30 MILES/HR. (i.e. 48 km/hr) ... So, yeh to hona hi tha.....But, the experience with the cop was unbelievable (don’t get me wrong- Dirty Minds!).... I meant he knew English, spoke respectfully, gave me options (cash/ card/ online) to pay the fine! Also he went out of his way to call my insurance people to check if the car was insured (as I didn’t have my updated insurance document)... and, he was cute... can’t resist mentioning that!

Language is a barrier for sure! But, people are understanding and willing to make an extra effort ( a country majorly comprising of expats after all!). Most people know 3-4 languages.... I hope to learn 1 soon too. GOOGLE TRANSLATE is my latest GO TO web page!!! My cleaning lady speaks Dutch, French and Luxembourgish... So we type and communicate through Google translate! Technology being exploited! But again, with English you can survive and if you know French you can LIVE your life (king size)...

Last time I spoke about Dhaniya being super expensive..... well, now I know Indian stores here carry big bunches for 1 that’s a saving grace.... Experience!!! choti choti chizoon mein khushi dhoondti hoon!

Initially, it was so tough to remember to take Jhola’s to grocery stores!!! I would inevitably forget and then have to buy one each time.... finally I collected abt 8 in a mth! And now, I NEVER forget!

All the walking has payed...I lost 5kgs doing nothing! I think my body metabolism is sucking up calories to keep me warm!

Having moved into our house and eventually made it a home..... I have adjusted with everything it brings with it. Be it the shallow sinks, no garbage disposals etc. It’s close to kids school and Viveks office! And that’s all that really matters (after-all i am the one who picks and drops all 3 of them.

Kids school is special in its own way. Majority kids are of expats. The mix of cultures and nationality is unbelievable (not more than 2 students from 1 nationality per class) New students are constantly joining and so are many leaving... So, students welcome new comers. The school takes special initiative in helping students and parents settle down @ Lux by organizing coffee sessions, meets, fairs, seminars, volunteering by parents, parents night outs and baby sitters to name a few... At school English is the language of communication so I feel totally at home and in control!

Fashion is limited to anything and everything in BLACK and in SHADES OF GREY! Boring...i call it...Slightly edgy people may adorn shades like deep red, wine, verdant green and navy blue...Still Boring! Even the weather is Grey!

Lastly, I remember hoping for people being warmhearted and their hearts being deeper than their pockets...

The warm welcome that I have received from Indians and others here is over whelming... It’s a small country, people stay within a few kms. from one another, we meet very often for tea, coffee, luncheons, movies, girls night out, kids play dates and dinners!

I can safely say our move into Lux. couldn’t have been smoother!

If you give life a chance, all falls in place!


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