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My Pick-Spring Trends 2018

It’s difficult to think about spring when you are dealing with minus temperatures, but the beautiful bright sun has totally made up for the dropping degrees. This has inspired me to finally share some trends & tips for Spring Summer 2018 …. Take your pick & let yourself glow this season!

  • Gelato hues: Walk into your closet, select every pastel item in sight, and stack those ice cream shades one on top of another like a triple scoop coppetta. And you just created a trendy Ensemble!!!

  • Look out for tailored Denims in stores. A very trendy statement to make this season.

  • Pencil skirts: A very flattering & feminine style to accentuate those curves. Pair it with a spiky kitten heel.

  • Decent exposure: Adorn all possible transparent & sheer fabrics to flaunt your curves!

  • Crayon yourself: Crayon box solid colors are still going strong. Your clothes & colors have the power to generate confidence. Create the crayon look from head-to-toe.

  • Fringe & feathers on everything: From collars to hemlines to shoes to accessories! Flaunt them however you please.

  • Hot shorts: Forget the mini skirts this summer. You’ll be wearing shorts- all day, every day. Not just at the beaches, holidays & parks but also at official venues. Yes, tailored shorts with long-lines apt for suits & blazers.

It’s not easy to ignore the beauty trends when you talk about clothes….

So here are some trends to watch out for….

  • Glitter all the way, just tone it to pastel summer shades.

  • Life may not be great with short cuts …. But you may look great in them….Short hair is in trend with choppy fringes.

  • Nail art is coming back. It’s a great way to be in trend without trying too hard!

  • Cherry pop & pink shades for lip sticks will keep you looking young & fresh.


Stay fashionable from out & within!!!

Neha Bhandari – HealthyLux Passionate Contributor

Personal stylist at StylizedU

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