After my last post (link below) on “TIGHTS” I was asked this one universal question --- CAN YOU WEAR TIGHTS WITH SANDALS OR OPEN TOE SHOES?

If your answer is a big NO….. I’ll have to disagree with you on this one!

So, in order to back my argument I’ve decided to make this DO’S & DON’TS list when wearing tights with Sandals or open toe shoes.

For starters, if you wear tights with Sandals you are going to draw attention of others towards it….. so make it worth their while!

Let’s start with---- The DON’TS...

* Don’t wear nude /See-trough tights with Sandals/ open toe shoes. * Don’t wear tights with super summery shoes. * Don’t wear tights with a noticeable seam with open toe shoes (buy the seamless versions) * Don’t wear tights with “Flat” open toed shoes, tights somehow look good only with open toes in “heels”- I don’t know why it is so….Just trust me blindly on this.

The DO’S

* Opaque tights are your best bet. Flesh out your hosiery drawer with warm colorful tones like burnt orange, royal purple, red, and green. * Invest in “TOE LESS” Peep toe tights (both in nude & opaque) for peep toe pumps * Wool tights look great in thick strap sandals & not with delicate sandals * The fewer toes you can spot through the shoes, the better it’ll look. (go for PeepToe shoes) * When wearing tights with sandals play with contrast colors- make it look like a fashion statement & not a mistake.

* And last, but I think the most important point is-----Make sure your toe nails are short & pedicured so that the nails are not piercing through the tights! I am being absolutely frank here---It looks creepy!

Below are some links for your reference!


PEEP TOE TIGHTS https://www.amazon.de/…/product/B011BX4672/ref=pd_sim_193_6…

TIGHTS IN VARIOUS COLORS https://www.amazon.de/Gabriella-Strumpfhose-…/…/ref=sr_1_20…

SEAMLESS TIGHTS https://www.amazon.de/Cecilia-Rafael-Sevilla-…/…/ref=sr_1_6…

IF YOU MISSED THE LAST ARTICLE ON TIGHTS CLICK THE LINK BELOW http://www.stylizedu.com/…/…/If-you-wondered-how-she-does-it

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