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1st Impression Quiz results


So kitties, if the curiosity hasn’t yet killed you, then pull out the chits of your answers to the “1st impressions” quiz you took in my last article.

For those of you who missed reading the previous article here is a link for you to complete the quiz before you get to reading the answers below

Embrace yourself as we are just about to discover “THE REALITY”... Alright, here we go:

Which one of the following makes you feel more confident?

  • If you chose your voice: Then you can easily influence people and they will normally follow you. The 1st impressions that people have of you is, that they can rely on you and trust you. Good job! You are a natural charmer. :)

  • If you chose your hands: Hands can be expressive in conversation or with a paint brush but for a first impression, they are not the best tool .You should think about how to improve your confidence. People get an ambiguous impression of you in the first instance. But, people who stay with you longer will discover that you are not very confident. Suggestion- Fake it if you cannot make it ;)

  • If you chose your eyes: You look at people in their eyes while conversing and are confident of your beauty. This helps you make a very good 1st impression on people from the go. Humm... nice!

  • If you chose your body: And yes, you are the one who makes head turn, many may even aspire to be like you physically... You assume that you are leaving a good 1st impression but frequently the reality is otherwise. People are not mirrors that just see what you show them, but they possess a complex neuron network to analyze, interpret and data mine all cues you are projecting at them. Maybe you can try being less self-engrossed.

Which animal among the following would you choose to best represent yourself?

  • If you chose horse: People will have a positive and deep impression of you. You are capable of standing out in a crowd. A horse represents passion!

  • If you chose cow: You are simple, focus on basic needs... With your simplicity you do make a deep impression.... But for some people it may not be a turn on!

  • If you chose dog: You seem to be loyal and faithful and thus you do make a positive impression on people. But seldom it’s not a very deep one. People tend to forget you in a crowded place.

  • I you chose cat: Cat represents self-centeredness and living for the moment. If you are a man-Your impression on others is very shallow. If you are a woman – You want and enjoy attention from others. You make a very deep and long lasting impression. You are focal point at gatherings.

There are 3 toilets in a public washroom, which one would you choose?

  • The one next to the tap: You come across as someone who does not care about what others think of you. You can be a good advisor (career suggestion). Although, your leadership skills may not be very promising. You are clever and good at dealing with people. So you generally have good relationships.

  • The one in the corner: You come across as a very vigilant person. You are obstinate and for you it’s a task getting along with people. Career in art will be suitable to your personality.

  • The one in the middle: You leave an impression of being a leader; with support from close people you can be very successful. You are very energetic and enthusiastic.

Ok! So you all have your results... Similar to many exams you may have taken till date, in this test too : some of you may have either passed with flying colors (kudos for mastering this skill), or some may have red grades in their report card and others may be dissatisfied and wondering whom to blame – me, the test itself, their neighbor or maybe their ancestors!!!

Whatever your results may be, it’s not the end of the world!

So, let’s review our results again, introspect and ponder if “WE DESIRE” to make slight amendments in ourselves to leave pleasant 1st impressions.


Ref: Your personal style : Nancy Plummer.

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