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RADIO it is --- ARA city radio 102.9


3 alumni of NIFT (National Institute of Fashion technology INDIA) MEET IN LUXEMBOURG & will share their journeys in RADIO ARA Sunday morning 21st May 2017 @ 9am.

* 1st is Aparna Gujral (Accessory Design)- The Design Head- GANJAM

* 2nd is Neha Bhandari (Fashion MGMT) A Personal Stylist - StylizedU

* 3rd is Kavitha Ramachandran (Garment Manufacturing tech.) A Senior Manager - Business Development and Client Management at Maitland & an RJ at radio ARA in Luxembourg!

Sunday specials on Raagamalika on radio ARA . This week Kavitha will mix music and design & explore apparel and accessory designs, trends , influences and east meet west aspects all this weaved with music from the Indian subcontinent.

Join us from 9 to 10 am CET on Radio ARA Luxembourg 102.9 fm and 105.2FM and

Looking forward to your company ...

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