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Behind the scenes- Photoshoot with BeboldbyDiamany

NEHA-----Why shouldn't work be fun??? Especially when you love what you do!

Diamany put together a team of passionate women who love their respective jobs for her INTENSE COLLECTION of Bags under her Brand beboldbydiamany

DIAMANY------I’d like to introduce you to Neha from StylizedU. Neha was part of the Dream Team behind the INTENSE Collection photoshoot.She did the amazing styling on the shoot matching perfectly outfits and bags. We had a good laugh seeing her running left right and centre with her colourful laundry pins pinned to her skirt. This is a stylist trick to keep things into place: -). Thanks Neha for giving it 200% , joyfully directing us in an effective way and making it a fun experience.Find out more on how Neha can help you here :

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