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1st Impression Quiz

Our first impressions are made in 30 sec... Its’ all about the look baby!

So if its’ this important why not make some effort to leave a pleasant one!

Let’s see what 1st impressions you are making. Take this brief test and know it for yourself.

  1. Which one of the following makes you feel more confident?

  • Your voice

  • Your hands

  • Your eyes

  • Your body

2. Which animal among the following would you choose to best represent yourself?

  • Horse

  • Cow

  • Dog

  • Cat

3. There are 3 toilets in a public washroom, which one would you choose?

  • The one next to the tap

  • The one in the corner

  • The one in the middle

Lets’ dwell within and see what we find!

Make a note of your choices, Your 1st Impression results will be revealed in my next write up ;)... Like all soaps on television I have to use tricks to have my customers returning... ;)

In my upcoming episodes (so to speak) we will do more of such fun exercises, talk about your body types, break into your closets, peep into your accessory chests, and guide you in your shopping sprees and much more. So belt up ladies... lets redefine ourselves!

Ciao for now...

Till then let curiosity kill the cat!!!


Ref:, Your personal style : Nancy Plummer.


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