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FASHION GYAN - 1st Impressions

Are you in for some FASHION GYAN?

Well then, let’s get the ball rolling!!!

We all have played dress up games! But why do we really DRESS UP? I did not say “wear clothes” ... don’t get me wrong! I am talking about the next level- when we buy & hoard clothes, much more than we really need to, to just hide our vital stats!

Some of us dress up to impress others and some to simply look good in their own eyes. Some dress up to protect ourselves from harsh weather while others just to be comfortable. Some dress up only on special occasions, while for others life is an occasion!!! Whatever may be the reason, the commonality is that- there is a reason! And gradually these reasons become habits or repetitive behaviors, leading to the birth of a personality that is “YOU”.

Let me ask you...You may have heard people say “She has a unique style and personality”... But what do they really mean when they say that?

Well, I will simply put it this way-

Your PERSONALITY is your unique way of expression and, your STYLE is your way of dressing, speaking and behavior! Developing an appropriate style will help you develop a pleasant personality. Your personality is like a culmination of your style...

Your body is a blank slate and YOU dress it up with YOUR taste! YOU are the artist! YOU create the illusions and YOU mystify!!!

To make it easy for us, fashion gurus have defined FASHION PERSONALITIES into the following types:

  • Natural

  • Classic

  • Dramatic

  • Sporty

  • Romantic

You need not necessarily fall into one and only one of the above 5.... But you will definitely lean towards one! Or you may be a cusp or rather a chameleon- who knows!

In fact depending on what stage of your life you are in, you may fall in & out of these fashion personalities.

Eg. a working professional may choose to be classic. As a teenager you are more likely to be a sporty personality. As a celebrity a dramatic!!! Or sometimes be romantic in a sheer chiffon sari with laces and ruffles reminding you of a yash raj film actress! Choices are all YOURS!

But what is most important is to know who you are and how to stay there!!!

Our first impressions are made in 30 sec... Its’ all about the look baby! So if its’ this important why not make some effort to leave a pleasant one!

Ref:, Your personal style : Nancy Plummer.


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