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Autumn Closet Detox

If by this weekend you haven’t put away your summer clothes & sorted your Autumn wardrobe, this comes as a quick reminder to get going!

The temperatures are dropping & before you know we will be in the peak of the holiday season!

While you look back at the bags of summer clothing you are putting away, think ahead about the beautiful colors of fall & the leaves changing. There is excitement in the new season ahead!


* Find a good home for summer storage & always always label the boxes. I guarantee you will forget where you put what by the time we hit spring 17.

* Some summer clothing can be useful in layering during fall. Keep those pieces handy.

Example Dresses: * In Spring: Wear a Dress with regular tights * In Summer: Wear a Dress with bare legs * In Autumn: Wear a Dress with regular tights * In Winter: Wear a Dress with woolen/ thermal tights

Bottom line-- Tights are your mantra of a Higher Style & Practicality quotient!

* Wondering how to decide what stays & what goes out of your Autumn closet? Your best bet is-- Selection by Fabrics!!!

* Some examples of your Summer Fabrics are:- You will feel the coolness just by reading them---- * Lt. wt. cotton * Linen * Rayon * Lt. weight Silk * Chambray * Jersey * Seersucker

* Some examples of your Winter fabrics are:- Now read these to experience the fuzziness & warmth---- * Tweed * Velvet * Corduroy * Fur * Heavy weight silk * Fleece * Leather

Now get started with your Autumn Wardrobe Cleanup & enjoy the weather in appropriate clothing!

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