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Demystifying Styling & Image Consultancy!

DEMYSTIFYING Styling & Image Consultancy!

Myths I want to clear today...

Post the web launch of I (Personal stylist & Image Consultant) have had the opportunity to interact with a number of people regarding what I do, how I do it, why I do it etc.

There are these statements which seem to prop again & again in multiple conversations. Here they are in their varied formats: * Only rich Europeans will avail your styling services! * You must reach out to the rich Lux mix! * I am not a celeb, why do I need a service like this! * It’s a good idea but it’s not for me! * I only wear formals, I don’t need it! * I am a home maker what good is it for me! * It’s a woman’s world, men don’t need styling! * Fashion/ Styling –I am not into all that, nope not me! Etc. etc.

Here is my take on this- 15-20yrs. back , in a middle class household, who had imagined you would hire a “wedding planner” to organize a wedding... Relatives pitched in to make it happen- It was a joint effort of mama, chacha, tau’s (uncles), who coordinated with the Halwai (confectioner) & pandaal wala (alter decorator) & video wala (photographer)! But, Look at the trends around now!

15-20 yrs. Back, in a middle class household, who had imagined you would hire a choreographer to choreograph you & your family for the sangeet/ tilak ceremony (wedding dance) ,We all danced to dholak , manjeera on songs like dhapli wale & Jai Jai shiv shankar...

But, Look at the trends around now!

Wedding were done on streets & not banquet halls & fancy lawns. Who went to hair & makeup artists to get groomed for special occasions? But, Look at the trends around now!

Similarly, Personal Styling is evolving! Earlier it was expensive & exclusive and thus available to the rich & famous- primarily for people who were facing the camera everyday...

But today, it’s not so! Stylists & Image consultants are easily available and they are absolutely affordable - try me ;) !

Whatever stage of life you may be in...The need of the hour is to be presentable, to be comfortable, to be in sync with the respective dress codes, and yet be you! And, this is not just occasionally- it’s every day!

Trust me... * Knowing what fits suits your body shape best will only make you look and feel better.

* Knowing what colors suit your skin/ hair color will only ensure you pick colors that elate you. (Colors affect our moods).

* Knowing beforehand what combinations go well together will reduce the time you spend in front of your wardrobe as you stare indecisively at it never knowing what to wear today!

* Knowing in black & white what is missing in your wardrobe will only ensure you spend your money buying what you really need & avoid duplication (Boys, open your wardrobe & count how many blue/white shirts you have ..... & girls do the same for black tops/dresses)

* Knowing which retailer stocks what & at what price range will only save you a hell lot of time & effort.

This is the tip of the iceberg of what a stylist can do for you.

I promise you, after a styling session with me... You will NOT turn into a style diva- it’s NOT a makeover session! You will NOT be ramp worthy the next morning...It’s NOT a temporary quick fix!

But, I assure you, you will be a savvy shopper & you will look “put together”, with no clutter, no junk & no “50 shades of grey”... but with a crisp, sustainable & wearable wardrobe that suits your tastes, lifestyle & personality!

For more information visit us at Like us on fb @ stylizedu for updates! Neha Bhandari

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