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TRENDS- Spring Summer 2015

FASHION is what you are offered by brands & designers, STYLE is what you choose...

Spring is here, today's eclipse is over, sun is shinning... time to Spruce Up! "StylizedU" brings to you the trends of spring-summer 2015!

Stay tuned to know the latest trends & make them your own!

TREND 1- CROPPED & FLARED PANTS A very Interesting trend and a great shift from the skinny jeans! And, here is how to wear it best...

TREND 2- PALAZZO PANTS Long, comfy & airy wide leg pants that flare out from the waist. Just what you need to keep you cool!

Take your pick from the wide range of palazzo's flooding the market this spring summer. Make sure you style it up so that you don't drown in them!

TREND 3- FOOTWEAR- The Gladiator, Platforms & The quirky Shoes!

These are the top 3 footwear trends for this spring summer.

Whether you like it Low or High, Simple or Bold, Casual or Funky- There is something for everyone! Enjoy the variety!!!

TREND 4- NAILS- Stripes, Ombre & French

STRIPES- Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, Single or Multiple... Play with it the way you want!

OMBRE- The ombre effect not just limited to a single nail but running across fingers... Absolutely cool !

FRENCH- For the classic lovers... Try a reverse french or a double french this season... A stylish twist to a regular french!

Get into the spring mood with these top nail trends,

"StylizedU" is dedicated to styling both men & women...

This reaches out to all the MEN out there!

Presenting the Top 5 trends we stylishly picked for you. Lets see whats in store for you this SPRING SUMMER 2015.

TREND 1: White- U can never go wrong with it!

TREND 2: Bermuda Shorts- Wear them with shirts, tees, jackets.....anything or even nothing!

TREND 3: Bomber Jacket- Wear them with shorts, denims, pants, tracks ....anything.... but always with something!

TREND 4: Denim- Not just in bottom wear - get as creative as u can!

TREND 5: Roll ups- Roll UP those tracks, cargos or pants for a cool look. This is more of a style trend than a clothing trend!

StylizedU- Celebrating you in style!

TREND 5: EAR RINGS STATEMENT ear rings are the calling of this season.

Pull back your hair & show them off! Keep it stylish!

Most eye catching trends are: * Big Fancy Ear Cuffs * Big Mono Ear Rings * Asymmetrical Ear Rings

They could make a great gift for someone you love or just pamper yourself with at least 1 pair this season!!!

TREND 6: DENIM Women too are not lagging in the Denim trend..... * Every Shade! * Every Silhouette! * Every style! Go Denim head to toe!

Bring it on!

Last but not the least eye catching trends for SPRING SUMMER 2015 are ... TREND 7: The Fringe (cowboy inspired) TREND 8: Necklaces (Hippie Influence & the Bejeweled & Beaded look)

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