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Wardrobe Uncluttered!- Mens

"StylizedU" finally convinced my husband to work with them to spruce up his wardrobe.

They say he has by far been the toughest client to work with! The results are mind boggling...

This process has lead to the removal of approx. * 20+ shirts ---8 of them being WHITE!!! wink emoticon * 15+ tees * 8+ Pants * 3 formal suits & more...

He had been living with a wardrobe of 2 different sized people, You'll be surprised to know some of the ill fitting clothes have been carried across 3 continents!

Well, it will be safe to say.... * He feels happier to see a clutter free wardrobe, * Now he knows- all that's in there fits him, * His wardrobe gels with his current style & lifestyle. * Also undoubtedly, i (wife) am happy as now there is more space in the closet for me to spread my stuff

Attaching a pic showing all the stuff that went off !!

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