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An Initiative by StylizedU!

Education is the key to a better life!

Here is our initiative to contribute in our little way to these children at the "Gyan school"- A small organization run by a couple (Mr. & Mrs. Dewedy) in India to educate children of house maids, street vendors & laborers in & around their residential area.

Mr.M.C.Dewedy retired from the post of D.G.Police U.P. India.

"Gyan School" is a place where these children are educated, they play, they learn about hygiene and even get food & clothes.

You cannot imagine what a big difference you can make to these kids & their lives!

StylizedU donated all it earnings from styling clients in the month of may & june to Gyna school to assist in making their dreams a reality!

If you want your money to go towards a good cause ... book your styling sessions today! : check out our website to see what we can do for you!

And, what together we can do for these children!

Neha Bhandari

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