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Neha Bhandari, Is your personal stylist and fashion expert based in Luxembourg, Europe. Neha Bhandari is helping countless of people from around the globe! (We are so excited about StylizedU) Read more about her story and visit her website! and be INSPIRED! To assist you, at "StylizedU" we offer an array of services at your convenience & totally customizable to your needs so that you will love what you see in your mirrors every day! Styling is no more just for celebrities and runways... Remember, Just yesterday you took 27 selfies on your android to get that 1 perfect shot for your fb profile pic!... We all want to look fabulous... period! My magic portion is... Style! Style can make you look smart, feel good and confident. It's for everyone!!!I strive to educate and empower you through my portions of fashion advice, styling tips and shopping guides. Whatever may drive your fashion agenda -a corporate event, a new career, a new found love, a season refresh, a black tie event, a wedding, a reunion, or simply a fresh confidence in yourself-- You deserve to look fabulous! And so, as your personal stylist I will style you and assist you to use fashion as a powerful tool in your everyday life, because- You never get a second chance to make your first impression! Contact us to find out more about our services & discuss your personal styling need

— inLuxembourg, Luxembourg.

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