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A Confused State of Affairs

It's hot. It's cold. It's lukewarm. It's crazy cold again! No, I am not referring to a steamy on-again, off-again romance.

I am talking about spring! Which came for "A DAY" last week but was immediately followed by hail & snow & rain & bone chilling winds…. AAAAAhhhhh!!!

Anyway, whichever field we may be working in, we all draw inspiration from our surroundings…

So here I go with some style tips that'll make getting dressed a whole lot easier in this unpredictable weather & keep you going from now until bikini season (if we get it at all this year).


* Keep your leather jackets handy. * Rain boots should be reachable for wet days. * Skinny jeans- your winter staple is here to stay until sun has mercy on us. * Cardigans – A good cover ups in times of need. * Ankle boots in spring colors * Denim jacket – for denim lovers to be hip & warm * Wool poncho * Replace your black blazer with a fun color.


* Replace dark colors with bright shades both in clothes & accessories. * Just so you know…Bold prints are in if you are in the mood! * Experiment with eye wear when the sun shines- Retro maybe! With a matching scarf. * Layer yourself & shed as the day gets warmer ---if at all!!! * Least you can do is change your gel nail shades from deep reds, maroons & blacks of winter to fun spring colors!!!

Scan through the pictures below for a visual feast & get inspired!!!

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