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OMG!!! This is absolutely exciting & totally worth your attention. Tomorrow is Luxembourg national holiday . And there is going to be a special National day church service in the country. And....Wait for it....

I will be live tomorrow on radio ARA with RJ Wendy Winn between 6:30-8 pm talking about the wonderfully ornate hats adorned by the royals & who's who attending the church service at the Cathedral Notre Dame. ( you can watch this service live on RTL television at 4.30 p.m.)

Tune in to hear all about hats & how to pick one that suits you! Catch you on radio ARA on Luxembourg's National Day, 23rd june from 6.30 to 8 p.m.!

NEXT DAY 23rd june 2016

Hope some of you tuned in today to hear us on radio ARA.

So, here is us fooling around with hats at the radio ARA station!

We were in the mood & i had a very cooperative & fun RJ Wendy Winn . She was game for anything so i made hats with whatever i laid my hand on!

The "Te Deum " in Luxembourg today saw our Royalty in Hats with a few others joining in (not as many as i would have liked!) .... but well...

Overall, very elegant, chic & no over the top hat styles around.

Have a look at the Royals in their hats here:…/5f147673890ecf45fea5ff6040524f207…

Just like last year, this year too my favorite was Princess Tessy... And she is here!...…/09d8836f722234ede9115ed87b373b07c…

Thanks a ton Wendy Winn for inviting me on your show today with the opportunity to cover this super special ceremony! Totally my kind of thing! :) Cheers!

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