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5 things Stylish People do!

5 things that stylish people do !

Ever wondered- How the hell does she ALWAYS looks like that- cool , stunning, well groomed, stylish, tip top!!!

So, I did some dissection for you to analyse & pick the most essential things & it boils down to these 5 !

The 5 things that stylish people do !

1. They don't have favorite stores (They don't restrict themselves to stores, they buy from everywhere , they buy what they like & are not walking brand ambassadors for brands) Remember Kate in her Gap trousers that took the internet on a whirlwind!

2. They love layering! It makes an outfit interesting.

3.They take care of their shoes (no matter the price they were bought at)

4.They accessorize

5 Lastly, they are confidant of who they are! Nothing beats this one!

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