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If you wondered how she does it.

I am always looking for inspiration to write something!!! And, I got one this morning when I looked at the weather forecast for this week &……. It says SNOW!

So let’s talk about ……when it gets cold….! Ok! So come on now & own up……

It’s -10 degrees or less & you see that S**y Girl/ Lady rocking the chill in a skirt or dress with tights & YOU think to yourself ----

“Gosh! Why do women do that to themselves? Why freeze to look stylish? What a price to pay”!!!

Well, let me tell you, you got it all wrong!…..

You noticed her, so she is obviously LOOKING GREAT! & what’s even better- she is FEELING GREAT too!

And today, I am on a mission to tell you how!!!

Ever heard the word “DENIER”? Well, that’s what it’s all about! To elaborate, in hosiery/stockings language, DENIER is a unit of measure of the thickness and weight of a thread. For example, the higher the denier, the thicker and heavier the thread is that is used to make the stocking.

So the higher the denier, the warmer the tight & more opaque too! Your EUREKA moment haan? ;)

# So, get yourself a pair of tights above 70D (denier) & you too can rock this winter in style! You can even get tights upto 500D if you go scouting! You might just melt in them!

# Heard of Cashmere with silk tights? This is a luxurious choice – Warm, Expensive & s**y!

# Looking for a warm yet cheaper option? Get Fleece-lined tights. They actually keep you warmer than jeans. There is no comparison!!!

# Be cautious about the so-called "sweater" tights (cabled or knit tights). They are very porous and don't prevent wind from cutting through. They're effective only on mild winter days.

Lastly, if you are not a skirt/ dress person & prefer to wear your jeans/ pants in winter, wear your hosiery underneath your pants (heck, it's a lot sexier than wearing pants underneath pants, right?)

Here are some links to “spoon feed” you! Now go!! …..Shop…… get warm and maybe make other’s wonder, until they discover-DENIER!!! ;)

Or maybe, be nice to your friends & share this post with them!

Your good deed for the day!…/1003264034……/2000133366……/classic-hot-100-denier-opaque……/dp/B009F2ET1K/ref=pd_sim_sbs_193_1…

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