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Coverage by city savvy magazine!

Nothing gets more REAL, more FUN, more tricky or more AWKWARD than.....Walking on the street & stopping random people for STREET PHOTOGRAPHY...... introducing yourself.......explaining your cause to freeze their being in your frames!

But, that is exactly what we did!!!

" NEHA Poddar Photography" & StylizedU" got together for the 1st time to show you what "Fashion in Luxembourg" looks like....

Right in the heart of the city!!!

Stay tuned while we are busy putting all the frames together to showcase the "Fashion quotient" of Luxembourg like never before! Arriving soon...

It cannot get more REAL than this!

When the world talks about fashion they somehow seem to ignore Luxembourg.... But not this time thanks to StylizedU & NEHA Poddar Photography!!!

My take on Lux fashion after our "Fashion street photography" is that here people are quick to adapt the new trends but it's interpretation is subtle & not in your face....

Sharing with you the 1st few looks of people following the Trend Forecast of AW 2016 in Luxembourg!

Have fun... and if you still haven't bought your trend item this season it's time you take your pick & give it your touch! More trends coming soon!

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