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Fashion Personalities

Hello there!

Dr. Albert Mehrabian (researched on body language) in his communication model says:

  • 55 % of what you say is expressed through facial expressions and appearance.

  • 38% is paralinguistic (the way a word is said),

  • 7% is through the words we use to communicate.

This 55% includes your age, gender, hair, skin, grooming, body type, clothes and special effect like body piercing, tattoos etc.

Assumptions are based on what we see. Our appearances are powerful! Invest in it and begin now to make it a priority!

Last time we spoke about the 5 fashion personalities-

  • SPORTY: Wears casual, comfortable and athletic clothing.

  • DRAMATIC: Wears bold, unique and colorful clothing.

  • NATURAL: Wear simple, untreated, neutral color clothing.

  • CLASSIC: Wears tailored, conservative, basic clothing.

  • ROMANTIC: Wears feminine, delicate, pretty clothing.

Your homework this time is: (I should not be the only one working hard! ...With your in-depth knowledge of yourself and fashion itself, select 1 or maximum 2 fashion personalities that you think you are “TODAY” (not when you were 21-One of the most common errors while dressing is “NOT” dressing your “AGE”!).

When we meet next we’ll discover which fashion personality you really are! U may be in for a surprise!!!

Ciao until we meet again...


Ref: Your personal style : Nancy Plummer.

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