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Stylish beachwear Coverups!

Haven’t heard from us in a while! So, here we are... with what you really need to know at this time of the year when the sun is shining & we are all getting in the mood for a vacation....

A beach vacation- to soak in the ocean & lie bashing in the sunshine!

But, the 1st thought that crosses our minds... “am I beach ready?”....

Maybe yes! Maybe not!

Whatever it is, it should not hold us from enjoying a sunny day out at the beach...

So, here are some fantastic trends we picked for you from the 2015 forecast.

These are for you if, you naturally have a golden glow complexion & do not wish to get tanned further, or

If, for some personal or cultural reasons you prefer to cover up, or if you, did not hit the gym well in time to be beach ready!

With these you can be as confident & comfortable on the beach as those who are ready to bare it all!

Here are our pick for you ladies out there:





KIMONO: This is one of our favorite trends! Kimonos are a perfect beach cover up. If you prefer solid colored swimsuits. throw a beautiful printed kimono on top. It also transitions well for a chilly ocean front night. Pair your kimono with a tee and denim shorts for a causal night out or stroll on the beach.

RASHGUARD: No longer just functional ! Now you can find a Rashguard in various shapes and colors. You can be comfortable while still look stylish.

WRAP TOP: The wrap top is back again. This style is very comfortable with a bit more coverage around the torso. It mostly comes with either a tying option at the back of ur neck or just with slip-on straps... It can create the illusion of a slimmer and longer mid section.

ROMPER: Super comfi & classy! Love them as they can transition from sand to sightseeing with a change of shoes and jewelry. Most styles are non-constricting and are made in soft airy fabrics, making them ideal for hot and humid areas.

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