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Bargain Hunting! associates with Be trendy, stylish & reasonable!

Have you yet, tried your luck on “Bargain Hunting”? It’s actually a trendy way to satisfy your designer cravings!

It’s not really “bargain hunting” – it’s a “Treasure Hunt” with a whole lot of perks attached!

* At a second hand store you’ll undoubtedly pay a fraction of the price for the piece you pick.

* In a second hand garment, fabric shrinkage has already happened! So, if it fits you at the store, it will fit you later.

* Also, at a second hand store, you are shopping eco-friendly by supporting "reuse" without trying too hard.

So, no more drooling on those windows of designer brands & high end boutiques! Come and look out for some unexpected gems at “secondhand4sale” store at Bereldange Luxembourg or check them out at their online

Unlike bargain stores, it’s a beautifully & logically laid out clutter free store. They also take orders online & can ship to your desired destination!

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