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ORGANISING- Folding Clothes


As a child I always heard my mom say “Put things back in place exactly where you picked them from so that you can locate them even when dark!” There was a logical spot for everything.....

Similarly, when we organize a wardrobe/ closet there is a “logical place” for everything in it...

Most companies design wardrobes keeping this in mind. But eventually, it is left on you to maximize its storage potential...

Wardrobes/ closets- they are like blank canvases that you paint with your clothes...

Don’t let disorganization deter you!

In my next few posts I will share with you some logical & easy closet organizing techniques so you can utilize every inch of this “valuable closet real estate”!

Your closet is your little retail store!

Make it beautiful, practical & appealing such that you want to buy (wear ;) ) everything in it!

Keep an eye on this space for my upcoming posts!

Let’s start with the No. 1 for today!

  • ORGANISING : FOLDING CLOTHES (see attached pics of my closet to get an idea)

If you have a lot of clothes that are best stored folded or if you prefer to fold your clothes, I recommend:

Ventilated shelves- They are the best option as they promote airflow around folded clothes, which cuts down on the possibility of mold.

Shelves should be maximum 12 inches deep, as you don't want a lot of wasted space in front or behind your stack of clothes.

Group similar clothes together (jeans with jeans). Same-size items stack more neatly.

Don't stack higher than about 1 foot. This makes it easy to pull out a garment from the bottom of the stack without toppling the rest.

Leave at least 5 inches between the top of the stack and the shelf above for easy reaching in.

Put clothes you use most in the center of your closet at eye level.

Add drawers/ boxes/ baskets to collect smaller items like lingerie/ socks etc. (Please don’t use plastic bags! Come on!)

Lastly Position drawers “below” eye level so it's easy to peer in.

More great stuff coming up soon!

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