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ORGANISING- Hanging Storage

  • ORGANISING: Hanging Storage

How many of us have Clutter Blindness? Follow these organizing techniques & get cured permanently!

But, before we get to organizing a wardrobe, what we need to develop is an organized mindset!

The goal of any organizing project is visibility. I have this rule about visibility-

“Hanging is the most visible method of storing clothing”

My personal mantra is- Anything you can hang.... hang it!

When you hang, you can flip through the clothes, you see all you’ve got & have the array of colors in front of u. Hanging is a better organizing technique especially if you have a lot of dress clothes, suits, or dresses. Hanging helps clothes last longer & keep their shape.

So, here we go with some great ideas for hanging clothes:

-First things first- Get rid of all metal hangers. Replace them with velvet hangers – they are a great investment (they grip clothes well & take less space).This is a simple trick but makes all the difference visually.

-Use sturdy wooden hangers for coats, suits, jackets & blazers - they help retain the shape of items.

-Use padded hangers for clothes in delicate fabrics.

-Use tie racks/ hangers for ties. After you put ties in the tie rack you fold it so they don’t slip & it looks great too.

-Use belt hangers for belts to keep them all in one place & organized.

-If you are tight on space buy multi-level hangers to save space.

-Keep breathing space between hangers – do not over stock!

-For the double-hang area, put the shortest clothes on the top rod and longer ones on the bottom rod.

- Use empty spaces near the floor for a shoe rack or storage bins.

-Categorize- Organize garments by category – shirts, dresses, blazers etc. The more specific a category the better it is. Next, subdivide wherever possible. For example, subdivide your shirts into short- and long-sleeve, or casual and dressy. Bonus points: if you put category tags on the rods for clear demarcation!

-Color Code- Organize by color within a category- Color coding is a must! Arrange colors in the order of the rainbow- ROYGBIV

-Keep shoes, purses, and jewelry in hanging organizers so you can see them alongside your clothes. If not, put them in see through storage containers for easy storage & visibility.

-Getting things off the ground psychologically makes the closet feel & look more organized.

-Don’t ignore the door (it’s a wall that moves): you can use it’s back side for storage too with the “over the door” hanging organizers.

-Create space & always keep room for expansion.

-If you share your closet with your partner/ kids etc. maybe it’s time to get them to declutter theirs too so you can get some more room in there.

-In spite of above changes if you still have too much stuff to fit in your closet maybe it’s time to resort to a seasonal system wherein you will rotate spring summer clothes with autumn winter clothes as per the weather! You can do this by keeping bulky items in covered clothing racks.

Having incorporated these tips, I absolutely ensure you will be excited to see the results! Organizing is addictive! So...Let’s get Hung up!

Need assistance? This is where you got to SOS:-

Neha Bhandari

Image Consultant & Personal stylist

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