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Color Blocking - No rocket science!

I would like to believe it’s impossible that any of us have missed out the trend of “COLOR BLOCKING” in outfits!

I say it’s the quickest way to look like a fashionista.

Yet, I will not refrain from saying that COLOR BLOCKING has a huge potential for a fashion disaster if not done right!

So, here I am putting down some very basic rules of Color Blocking. Naturally, these rules will be mere guidelines for some & starting points for the others! Let’s get started-

  • Try to wear no more than 3 colors per outfit.

  • I would put black and white into our “neutral shades” category. This will give you more room for color integration. Example- you can wear 4 colors if one of them is white.

  • Do color blocking from top to bottom and not side to side. For example- your top is one color & your bottom is another. Not your left arm 1 color, the body in 2nd color & then right arm in 3rd another.

  • If possible stick with solid colors to start with. Color blocking and patterns can be tricky & over whelming. Once you are confident go for it- why not!

  • Be conscious of your “BODY TYPE” when color blocking as bold colors draw attention to specific areas. And we always want the focus to go on our flattering areas & not the trouble areas.

  • If you are not confident about color blocking yourself you can buy dresses that combine bright colors - shop for a modest geometric style dress.

  • It can be complicated to pick colors while combining for color blocking. So...

STEP 1 -Select one of the 3 techniques to styling a color-blocked outfit -

Option A: Monochromatic = one color throughout entire outfit in different hues.

Option B: Separates = mix garments of contrasting (2-4) colors.

Option C: Stand-Alone = one color-blocked garment where the designer has already done all the work for you.

STEP 2-Select a color scheme:

Option 1: Complementary colors are opposite each other on a basic color wheel (can be jarring to the eye)

Option 2: Analogous color schemes use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel (harmonious & pleasing to the eye)

  • Color blocking does not have to be done with bright colors only, color blocked pastels work equally well.

  • With the plethora of accessories easily available in the market these days they can contribute stylishly to color blocking! Think- necklaces, shoes, bags, scarves. belts etc. etc.

  • Don't over accessorize. Let the color blocking carry the outfit.

  • If you are looking for simplicity & elegance stick to one shade of metal jewelry/outfit- either gold or silver; particularly for chunky jewelry like statement necklaces and watches. For a bold look you could experiment with both shades together.

  • Lastly, if you are wearing makeup -shades in your make up count too!!! - Apparently red lips count!

There will always be a million exceptions to the rules.

You be yourself & style it up!

Now that you have the basic tools in hand all I hope is, to see you participating in this color-blocking trend!

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