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Mumpreneurs Introduction

We can't believe our first official event is already tomorrow! Really excited and somewhat nervous! We will have an interactive evening, please meet panelist #4. Neha Bhandari Neha is a "Personal Stylist" by profession & runs her own business StylizedU, for both Men & Women Neha has her Masters in Fashion Merchandising and Management and her Bachelors in Business Administration gaining next some experience at Globus Stores Pvt. Ltd in India followed by a move to Arizona USA where she studied Fashion Styling. She was recognized for her expertise in the field of fashion and appointed as a faculty in the Fashion merchandising and design department of MCC college at Arizona, USA. Its was in her next move to Europe-Luxembourg that Neha rolled out her dream and put herself on the map in the fashion industry for Personal Styling. "StylizedU" is a "Personal Styling" company in which she analyses the clients personal style, body type, lifestyle etc and gives appropriate clothing, shoes & accessories suggestions. She provides wardrobe cleanups/ declutter & shopping services. Gift cards are also available for you to gift her styling sessions to your friends & family on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas etc. She works both with private & corporate clients.

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