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I am not going to start by saying that giving "StylizedU" Gift Certificates" is an Awesome Idea for a very Special & Personalized gift because you already know that!

You also know that if you do, there are huge chances of you getting a BIG HUG in return - so stand grounded, reciprocate & don't fall back wards ;)

You are undoubtedly giving them something completely unexpected.... Something they will love... Something they will Cherish...and... Something that will stay with them forever....

Having said that, we must admit that it is that time of the year when we are making lists, scouring stores and frantically browsing retailers online for the most special & meaningful gift at the right price for our loved ones.

Unfortunately, despite good intentions many of us fail. Therefore, It’s not surprising to me that ebay even has an “Unwanted Christmas Gifts” category on their website. It’s sad, but last year, it had been Christmas Day for a few hours & presents started popping up online in this category!

"Presents communicate! They say “I thought about what YOU love, and here is something I think is YOU”. Unwanted gifts are a waste of money, time & effort. This makes choosing a present an art.

So, before you invest in gifts, sit down with a list of names and invest a few minutes thinking about what you would like if you were that person! Reflect on their Personality, likes & dislikes, their lifestyles & aspirations!

Ideally a gift should be something they secretly love but wouldn’t splurge on themselves".

Sometimes we face the stress of buying for someone who has it all, or are gifting out of obligation--- in such cases, I suggest gifting an experience!

But, some people are just difficult to buy for! In such circumstances you have to get creative! You could- • Ask another family member close to them for ideas/assistance or even their willingness to pool in money to buy a more expensive gift. • Do a little “Harmless Stalking” of their online researches & things they liked or commented on recently to get ideas (I hope you will not bump into something you shouldn’t have wink emoticon ) • If you are still not at luck maybe hit some online portals for inspiration!

Here are some of my picks from various categories of gifting ideas... • • Amazon’s gift central • • • • •

Lastly, if nothing of the above has worked for you, here are the top 15 “fashion” gifting ideas (in random order) picked just for you from stores in Luxembourg (Each under Euro 500).

With these you cannot go wrong! (PICTURES ATTACHED!)

1. Cashmere- BRAM Euro 99.95 2. Tommy Hilfiger Poncho – BRAM Euro 199.95 3. Joop- BRAM Euro 249.95 (Men) 4. You will be ‘bang on’ on fashion forecasts for Winter 2015 if you pick anything for the ladies in Velvet, Sequin, Lace & Fur ( ZARA) 5. ‘THE SCENT' 100 ml by BOSS- Mon Parfume Pound 64 6. Jump Suits –Esprit Euro 99.99 7. Evergreen black footwear – Mango- Euro 49.99 / 79.99 8. Swarovski Necklace : Euro 199 9. Vintage inspired Gemstone ear rings: BCBG Euro 55 10. Burberry Mens scarf: Euro 495 11. Windeshausen-bijoutiers – City Concorde. For top end Watches & Accessories for men & women 12. Lingerie from Hunkemoller – Gare/ City concorde 13. Giorgio Armani Suede Belts: Smets Euro 150-250 14. Manolo Blahnik Footwear :SMETS 15. Iconic Aviator Ray-Ban 250 euro

Ok! So, Once you have the perfect gift, don’t forget-Presentation is the key! It’s your final touch... get creative!

And yes, it’s okay to re-use wrapping paper as long as it’s not scrunched!

Reuse! Re-purpose! Recycle! The world needs it!

Happy Gifting! Neha Bhandari StylizedU

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