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Spring Summer 2016 shoes trends

With the sun peeping every now & then it feels like spring is around the corner!

It’s still cold, yet not cold enough to wear boots all the time, every single day...

If you are ready to hit the stores for a nice pair of shoes to invest in this spring summer, check out the pictures below to be versed with what to expect & what’s in trend.

Though there are many styles out there...... But, Style Number 1 are the platform shoes. There is nothing like shooting up & gaining a few inches in the comfort of these swanky platforms available in an array of colors, designs & materials.... right from patents to canvas... They are the way to walk around in this spring.

Style Number 2 is Oxfords for women- chic & top notch stylish!

And the coolest of them all is a cusp of the above 2 styles- The Oxford Platforms!!!

Take your pick!!!


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