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Change is inevitable

Thank you "Lise" of "Secondhand4sale" store for giving your clients this opportunity of a Shopping Session with "StylizedU"...

Watch the video below.

And, here is our winner Becky's Feedback!

I was lucky enough to win a free session with "StylizedU" and what a fantastic session it was!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I had a lot to learn. After years of living in soft trousers and baggy old t-shirts, I finally lost weight to the amount of "45 kilos" and needed some major help to point me in the right direction of new fashion!

Neha was wonderful, she talked me through what colours I should look out for in this season, how to wear items that draw attention to my good bits to help the eye travel away from my problem areas.

I was astounded to find I was a lot smaller than I believed, and she encouraged me to enter shops I would never ever go in!I I even managed to try a top on that was a size small!!! I have NEVER worn a "small" in my life! I can't stop grinning about it!

The outfits that I eventually purchased I thought were wonderful value, beautiful and classic, My overall experience was totally positive!

I highly recommend this lady to everybody, a lovely day was had.

I will most definitely be using Neha again!!!

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